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We need to talk about your in-flight farting

Extended air travel may cause dehydration, exhaustion, and heightened flatulence, which may already be present before boarding. To stay healthy during the flight, it’s important to stay hydrated, eat slowly, refrain from carbonated drinks, and read this comprehensive guide on the effects of extended flights on your body, as well as tips for preventing common […]


What I learned as a remote worker

This month marks the end of my first 8 months as a person who only works remotely, doing only online jobs through That’s where 100% of my income now comes from. Last year I had lost all my savings and was covered by a few friends and family for a few months and slowly […]

26 websites to find remote jobs

The 26 Best Job Sites To Find Remote Work

With Remote Work I don’t mean you working from your way cheaper Caribbean cabin with approval of your boss in New York City. I mean it more the digital nomad way: you can work wherever you are or wherever you want to be. You only need a laptop and a sturdy internet connection. And a […]

Dog sledging in Greenland. Photo by Ramon Stoppelenburg.

Seven Countries That Don’t Really Exist

You want to really go off the beaten track? I have found these seven “countries” that are not officially recognized to add to your bucket list. Would they actually provide a passport stamp?