It’s not the material stuff that makes a rich life.

Lars Leetaru

What to bring for the longest flights in the world

Dog sledging in Greenland. Photo by Ramon Stoppelenburg.

7 countries that do not really exist

You want to really go off the beaten track? I have found these seven “countries” that are not officially recognized to add to your bucket list. Would they actually provide a passport stamp?

Tangalle Beach, south of Sri Lanka. November 2018.

I am not done with Sri Lanka yet!

I did not expect that a country as Sri Lanka would take me by surprise THAT much! I had been here before as a little kid in 1989, but so much has changed that it wasn’t really a reunion, but a re-connection with a truly paradise island.

This was my dorm room in a hostel in Ella, Sri Lanka. November 2018.

How To Become a Digital Nomad, Work From Anywhere And How To Get There

Being a “Digital nomad” sounds like the stereotypical dream job: traveling the world, armed with little but a laptop and the minimalistic essentials, making your own schedule in a foreign coffee shop or while sipping cocktails on a beach, or just before you hit the waves on a surf board, hopping from destination to destination.