About Ramon Stoppelenburg

Hi! I’m Ramon Stoppelenburg.

Career Slasher and Gifted Adventurer

As a gifted career slasher, I belong to a dynamic tribe of professionals juggling multiple jobs across diverse sectors, thanks to varied interests and the rise of the gig economy.

Early Life and Education

My childhood in Jakarta was a world away from the small village near Rotterdam, Netherlands, where I later moved. Growing up in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel, South Holland, I studied Journalism and Communication in Zwolle, had The Perfect Life (Full-time job, mortgage, Ikea house, GF and cat) and pretty fast decided that the grass is always greener elsewhere if I didn’t want to grow old too fast.

Professional Journey and Achievements

  • Journalism and Writing: I traveled the world for two years without spending a cent, penned columns for a daily newspaper, and wrote the bestselling travel book Letmestayforaday. I also presented a travel show on Dutch Radio 1 and compiled a literary collection about flying.
  • Entrepreneurship: From running a pub in Zwolle to managing three movie theaters in Phnom Penh from 2011 to 2021, my ventures have always been driven by a passion for creating unique experiences. Since 2008, I’ve operated Expedition Kilimanjaro, guiding adventurers up Africa’s highest peak.
  • Recognition and Media: In 2018, my project Letmestayforaday was designated as UNESCO Digital Heritage by the Royal Library in The Hague. I was also among the top 50 candidates for NASA’s Astronaut Candidate Program in 2020.

Global Citizen

My journey has taken me from Cambodia to Tbilisi, Georgia, and Casablanca, Morocco. I currently split my time between Lisbon, Portugal, and tropical destinations during the winter months.

Diverse Expertise

  • Business Strategy Consultant and Social Media Pioneer: My experience spans business strategy consulting, social media strategy, translation, and writing.
  • Publishing: From hijacking the high school newspaper to launching The Quiet Reader during the COVID-19 lockdowns, I have a lifelong passion for publishing.
  • Travel Writing: My travel stories have appeared in Columbus Magazine, Arts & Auto, Malaysian Airlines’ Going Places, Air Finland’s My Way, The British Sunday Times Travel Magazine, and WorldHum.

Notable Ventures

  • Digital Nomad and Internet Personality: I was the first digital nomad with Letmestayforaday.com, traveling the world for free thanks to a social network I created before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Named Internet Personality of the Year by The British Sunday Times in 2002, my adventures even earned me the title “The Godfather of Couchsurfing.”
  • Entrepreneurship: My projects include running art house movie theaters in Cambodia and managing Expedition Kilimanjaro. I also dabble in stand-up comedy, ghostwriting, and weightlifting.

Stay Connected

Join me on my adventures and explore my digital nomadic lifestyle also on my own homepage at HereIgoAgainOnMyOwn.com. Because somebody had to do that one too.


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“Ramon Stoppelenburg has become one of the first true internet celebrities”
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