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Embrace Climate-Conscious Travel: A Sustainable Journey

by Ramon Stoppelenburg –  In an era where climate change is at the forefront of global concerns, the way we travel has come under intense scrutiny. The tourism industry, responsible for a significant carbon footprint, faces increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Climate-conscious travel is not just a trend; it’s a necessary shift towards preserving […]

26 websites to find remote jobs

The 26 Best Job Sites To Find Remote Work

With Remote Work I don’t mean you working from your way cheaper Caribbean cabin with approval of your boss in New York City. I mean it more the digital nomad way: you can work wherever you are or wherever you want to be. You only need a laptop and a sturdy internet connection. And a […]

We need to talk about your in-flight farting


What I learned as a remote worker

This month marks the end of my first 8 months as a person who only works remotely, doing only online jobs through That’s where 100% of my income now comes from. Last year I had lost all my savings and was covered by a few friends and family for a few months and slowly […]

Dog sledging in Greenland. Photo by Ramon Stoppelenburg.

Seven Countries That Don’t Really Exist

You want to really go off the beaten track? I have found these seven “countries” that are not officially recognized to add to your bucket list. Would they actually provide a passport stamp?